Tango show & dinner

Love, passion, madness and glamour in a history that ends transforming itself into a legend...

Quite simply, this is tango the way it's meant to be staged.


    Rojo Tango picks you up (and takes you back) in a private car, greets you at the impressive hallway of the Faena Hotel and sits you in a red and black velvet setting.


    The three steps menu welcomes you with a selection of entrées, main courses and desserts while your wine glass is kept half-full with Baron B Champagne, Terrazas Reservas Wines or whatever you agree with your sommelier.


    The entire cabaret is completely cigarette smoke-free. This first-rate show is not to be missed.

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The show lasts about 1 hour 20 minutes and consists of a band (a quintet: piano, bass, two bandoneons and a violin), a female singer, male singer and five couples of dancers choreographed and directed by Sandra Bootz and Gabriel Ortega. The Rojo Tango show goes through the history of tango from the 20's to Piazzolla, with some modern touches. It is a dynamic and intense show that amazes the viewer in a very special atmosphere.

About Rojo Tango Show

About Rojo Tango Show

Quite simply, this is tango the way it's meant to be staged.

Rojo Tango opened its doors in September 2005 in one of the halls of Faena Hotel + Universe: El Cabaret. This Hotel and its various spaces were designed by Philippe Starck making of the space a unique place in its setting and design. Rojo Tango Show takes life in a unique room of its kind compared to any other tango show in Buenos Aires.

The show is an intense performance given to feel and live the tango. It is an intimate show, designed to enjoy every detail of tango: tuneful melodies, rhythm, feelings and colors that come alive in the dance. In Rojo Tango you can attend a professional show, according to the essence of tango. It is part of a major art show produced for an intimate amount of public that enhances the experience of Tango. The show goes through the beginnings of Tango to Astor Piazzolla and does not ignore what happens with Tango all around the world.

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Best venue in Town designed by Philippe Starck for an intimate Tango performance.

Rojo Tango is red hot and devilishly delicious, and far and away the best tango in town; a one of a kind experience in Buenos Aires. As soon as you walk into the impressive and imposing central hallway of the Faena Hotel + Universe and into El Cabaret, where Rojo Tango performs nightly, the experience begins. The high ceiling and clerestory windows of Faena resemble a church nave, but that´s how Philippe Starck, the revolutionary French designer, imagined it. It's not your regular dinner and show despite the presence of all the tango standards: somber mood, emotional madness, lost love and lovers.

From the area where it is located and the magic of space that surrounds it to a different gastronomic proposal and show that amazes for their excellent performance, staging, costumes and dynamism Rojo Tango is already part of the history of tango.

El Cabaret, Hotel Faena
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    Faena Hotel + Universe
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